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Residential Window Hardware

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Introducing the First Engineered Composite Hinge System!


Meet Customer Cost Reduction Requirements


  • Hinge arms constructed of a composite material to combat the rising price of stainless steel.
  • Less Fasteners to buy and install on 10" composite hinge.
  • Note: Composite materials offer additional design options.
  • Note: Composite materials are regularly used in the automotive industry to replace steel components as a weight and cost reduction activity.

Develop Best in Class Hinge System


  • Molded composite hinge arms allow tighter joints, compared to stamped steel, to mimimize sash sag.
  • Molded composite arm designed to support sash throughout the length of the hinge, maintaining the sash square within the frame.
  • A well supported sash will maintain lock alignment and keep the sash in contact with weather stripping all around the window.
  • Molded composite hinge joints are self lubricating greatly reducing wear.
  • Safety Feature: Arm snaps onto pivot, not tools required. Design helps to ensure a fully snapped assembly during sash installation.

Meet Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistance


  • Composite materials will never corrode or rust.
  • Composite materials are colorable to meet customer design requirements.

Provide Improved Features


  • Automatic Positive 90 degree track stop - assists in the prevention of "unintentional sash removal".
  • Handy lever on shoe to release sash for removal.
  • Adjustable brass pivot allows squaring the sash to the frame without removing the arm.
  • Track shoe opening is flared for ease of sash installation.
  • New sash support feature will prevent hinge damage during shipping.
  • Composite hinge assembly fits within existing window designs.









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