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Lite Kits- Frames

Frames, lite kits, metal vision panels, steel frames, frames for fire-rated applications

Lite Kits- Glass



Louvers, fixed louvers, door louvers


Low pro, low profile frame, metal vision panel frame, lite kit, fire rated lite kit, model 110

Our most popular lite kit frame, Model 110.


For multiple panes of glass.

Leaded glass, frames for leaded glass, lead lite kits

For leaded applications.

thick glass, frames for thick glass, lite kits

For applications that require thicker glass. 

Fixed louver- model 180

louvers, fixed louver

Another product innovation to meet your needs...

After much demand & feedback from our loyal customers, All Metal Stamping has designed & manufactured its first louver product. Available to order January 1, 2020. Contact us for pricing. 

CRS or Galvanized material

Painted in our 3 standard colors- beige, gray, or dark bronze

Special colors available, no veneer wrapping

For doors 1 3/4" to 2 1/4"


Available Sizes

12 x 12      18 x 12      18 x 18      24 x 12      24 x 18      24 x 24