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For Architects

As our customer base grows and the building materials industry expands, All Metal Stamping realizes the importance of building rapport and credibility with architects. Our goal is to foster relationships with you, the architect, that improve the efficiency and ease with which you go about choosing solutions for your project needs. 

Here you will find resources and materials useful in tackling the multi-dimensional feat of matching building materials to your projects' aesthetic and budget goals. Our approach is one mindful of the desire and challenge to preserve original inspiration and design; meeting building code standards and safety and fire ratings, aligning design and construction with environmental conservation, and building structures to enhance well-being does not have to mean a compromise of aesthetics and vision. You will also find special interest articles, continuing education resources, and downloadable content for your information.

All Metal Stamping is dedicated to equipping architects with the tools and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions that fulfill all aspects of the design and construction process. We anticipate and look forward to connecting with you and the architectural community. 

Let's build better together.

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Resources for architects

The Construction Specifier Best of Series: Fire Safety Strategies

Gain understanding of fire-rated glass in the artilce, "Seven Questions to Ask When Specifying Fire-rated Glazing in Doors." The author offers some pretty comprehensive insight, including a visual to aid in interpreting fire-rated glass labels (page 18). 

Code Alignment

 The International Code Council (ICC) Committee Action Hearings took place this month in Albuquerque, N.M. ...

20 TED Talks to Help Architects Work Better

From the world's most visited architecture website ,

ArchDaily's Sustainability Glossary : A-B-C

5 Ways To Discuss Building Performance for Your Next Project Pursuit

AIA- The American Institute of Architects

A trusted resource for professionals in the architecture field, AIA provides the industry's latest and most relevant material to keep you informed and courses that fulfill state and AIA membership requirements. Whether you need to earn specific Learning Units or just want to satisfy that lifelong learner itch, AIA  has you covered.