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Composite Hinges

Composite Hinges

Composite Hinges

Explore our Composite Hinge offerings by clicking below.


Steel Hinges

Composite Hinges

Composite Hinges

Explore our Steel Hinge offerings by clicking below. 

innovative composite hinge solutions

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Product testing shows cycle testing of the composite hinge far outperforms any similar steel hinge available in today's market.

We Use Composite Materials Because

  • they will never corrode or rust
  • they can be made to match custom colors
  • they are regularly used to replace steel components to reduce weight & cost
  • they have a hinge assembly that will fit within existing window designs
  • the molded composite hinge arms allow tighter joints compared to stamped steel, which minimizes sash sag

Our Composite Hinges

10" Engineered Composite Hinge

14" Engineered Composite Hinge

Steel Hinges

Glide Series

Our Glide Series supports heavier sash weights & are made with low friction materials in the track & shoe to allow the sash to glide with exceptional ease.  All Metal Stamping's two new Glide Hinges are featured below.

Hinge, secure glide hinge, residential window hardware

  • Enhanced slide pullout forces throughout the full travel of the shoe, aiding negative air pressure situations or an attempted forced entry
  • Added 90-degree Track Stop reducing unintentional hinge removal
  • Fits in standard pockets
  • Passed in-house AAMA 904 testing at 180 lbs



  • 3300D Series 10" Standard
  • 3800 Series 10" Adjustable
  • 4300C Series 14" Standard
  • 4800 Series 14" Adjustable
  • 3001 Series Limit De


  • 3300D Series 10" Awning
  • 4300 Series 14" Awning
  • 4300 Series 18" & 22" Awning